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Vitality obstacle fitness is a facility dedicated to making stronger humans!! Our community is unlike any other! We focus on Functional Fitness classes, obstacle training, kid classes and making fitness not only fun, but effective! Tired of your same boring routine!? Looking to  Step up your Obstacle Game!? Have a potential little ninja!? Click the Link Below!!

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Address: 1822 N. Main St. Fall River, MA 02720

Phone: 508-558-9578


My wife and I have searched far and wide for the perfect gym and this is it. They have olympic weights and strongman equipment for building strength and power, ninja warrior obstacles to train balance and body control, and new equipment is constantly added to suit client’s needs. The owner, Jordan, takes a devout interest in each client and checks on you regularly to track your progress and offer sound advice. Clientele are highly driven to succeed while maintaining a super fun and supportive training environment. Can’t get enough of this place!!
— Jonathan Barlow
1. I love going to Vitality because it doesn’t feel like working out. It feels like a big group of friends challenging each other and cheering each other on.
2. I’ve been to a conventional gym in the past and never once did I walk through the doors and think “I’m gonna conquer fear or low self esteem in this place today- I’m going to try something I’ve never done before and everyone will cheer me on!! “ lol.
I don’t think I could achieve that at a conventional gym, with conventional equipment. At Vitality , that’s a completely different story. When I first started I was afraid to do the simplest of things but every small step became a bigger step and a bigger step - before I knew it I was doing obstacles that I never thought I could. Facing my absolute fear of heights and just fear of failing in general. Now I’m not saying I’m completely “there” yet but I know I’m much closer than I was before going to Vitality, and I don’t think I could have ever achieved any of those things on a treadmill or stationary bike. Those tools are very useful but they are not what I’m truly in need of, I need a serious challenge if I’m going to arrive where I’m trying to be.
3. Gyms can be sooooo boring ha ha!
What I love about Vitality is that I’m never ever bored, and even though it feels like torture - I truly enjoy the workouts!
They are different everyday, the obstacles are challenging enough that I never get tired of trying them out and seeing how much further and faster I can get through them!
— Nancy Marques
About 2 years ago, I started a weight loss journey, and managed to lose over 200lbs. After losing weight. I had a new outlook on life, and wanted to challenge myself in ways I never thought possible. Did I want to build muscle and have a “beach body”, of course who doesn’t. But that wasn’t going to be enough for me. I lived my entire life not being able to run, jump, climb, or do anything physically challenging.
When I first walked into Vitality the place just screamed challenge. Everything I needed to maintain my weight, build muscle, and take on an endless amount of challenges was all under one roof. I met with Jordan Thurston, and began right away working on a plan to meet my fitness goals. I liked the fact that the plan began with proper form and mobility, which are things you don’t really learn in a box gym. Jordan clearly has very extensive knowledge and experience in calisthenics, nutrition, and personal training.
I remember the first class I attended at Vitality. It was a high intensity cardio workout that included obstacles. This was far different than anything I have tried. I remember climbing the wall for the first time, and hearing a group of people I had never even met, cheering me on. It may sound silly but in that moment I felt like I had to try harder. I didn’t want to let them down, so I pushed myself over that wall, and it felt great! There is a strong sense of community at Vitality. This place really brings out the best in you, and you really feel like your part of something.
In 3 months of attending Vitality. I’ve competed in 2 Ninja warrior competitions, and have qualified to compete in Regionals for the UNAA. I have increased my running distance to 16 miles. I’m on track to exceed every goal I’ve set for 2016. I’ve gone from weighing 365 pounds to being a Ninja.
If you’re thinking about a real transformation. You can join a regular gym, with a bunch of fancy machines, and a high school kid sitting behind a desk scanning cards. Or you can join a gym that set you up with the right tools to succeed, and constantly challenges you to “Be stronger human.”
— Samson Marques
Jordan has faith in everyone that if you put your mind to it and continue to work on it, that one day you will be able to conquer it, and I’ve noticed that especially with me. I’ve been attending Vitality for almost 3 months and have lost 20+ pounds, did not plateau at the weight I kept plateauing at, and I continue to lose more. I have seen nothing but positive changes in my body. I feel stronger and so much more healthier. Not only did I have these personal changes but I have met some amazing people that I can now call friends. We motivate and challenge each other daily. I really do encourage everyone to join me in my journey into becoming a stronger human!
— Sarah Duarte
Ive never enjoyed a work out as much as I have here. On top of that, I have had incredible results in my strength, mobility, endurance, and was able to gain over 10lbs!. Its incredibly easy to set goals worth working towards, and are really rewarding. 5 stars, awesome place, and awesome experience.
— Brendon Borkman
This isn’t like your ordinary gym. Jordan really cares about everyone getting the results they want. The obstacles keep working out new and exciting. Two months ago I couldn’t even do one pull up and now I am working on getting up the salmon ladder. Everyone at the gym is always very friendly and willing to help. It is a great workout environment!
— Kyle Francoeur
Challenging, Progressive, and exciting! As a former athlete and someone with a busy schedule, this place is perfect. Jordan gives you constant personal attention and pushes you to achieve your goals while educating you on proper technique and nutrition. I’m excited to go to the gym everyday!
— Rob Dunse
I have been regularly training at Vitality Obstacle Fitness for the last month or so and first experienced the gym on its opening day in December of 2015.
Since its opening day, Jordan T (owner & trainer) has been on point transforming the space into a unique environment. New obstacles are constantly popping up and as a community, we thrive in adding new ideas for a better and more challenging work out.
As a team, we are constantly working together for new fitness challenges and support. Vitality offers a space where you can go at your own pace, while still getting the motivation to better yourself.
You won’t find anything else like it.
— Nikki Messier
At first I was really skeptical, I was very overweight, out of shape and thought, “ Heck no, there is no way I can do that”, boy was I wrong. Of course I couldn’t’ do each and every obstacle or even each workout perfectly but with time and effort I improved and continue to do so. The workouts at vitality are intense and really push you to succeed. Not only are there cardio-based workouts for those looking to lose weight but strength based workouts as well. Also, Vitality is a gym where there is a genuine community of people who support one another. But I will say what drew me to vitality the most was Jordan. Jordan is very knowledgeable and attentive to your goals and finds ways to help you get there. He takes the time to really evaluate your lifestyle and gives you doable steps that will lead you in the right direction. He is definitely the real deal! If I can do it anyone can, come visit Vitality and you won’t be disappointed.
— Connie Medeiros
I’ve always been the kind of person to quit when I didn’t see results. Vitality taught me that even if the numbers on the scale don’t move as quickly as you’d like, if you’re consistent, you’re always seeing results. I can do obstacles that I never would have dreamed I could, lost 23 pounds in total, and have become a part of an amazing fitness family that motivate me to do better . You go for the fitness and stay for the family.
— Sulwa Lima
I have been coming to Vitality for almost 4 months and it has been awesome! Before Vitality, I lost close to 90 pounds eating right, exercising and staying active. But although I shredded the weight, I felt like I was missing the strength that I was looking for. Once I started Vitality, it became a lot easier to put on the strength I was looking for and have fun while doing it. When I started I couldn’t do more then 2 pull-ups at a time and now I can FINALLY do the Salmon ladder, Peg board, and many other obstacles. The best part of Vitality Obstacle Fitness is the fact that everyone is there to build each other up. Whether it be trying to conqueror the cargo net or the salmon ladder you have plenty of encouragement. If you want a place that makes you and your aspirations its main priority, then there is no better place or group to be apart of.
— Matt Medeiros
Vitality is a fantastic gym. It’s a very different workout than you’ll get at other, generic gyms. Within the first few weeks of going, I noticed a substantial increase in my power and endurance. The classes are very well organized and fun, and the freestyle sessions are always fun too.
— Mike Munroe
You can’t get training like this anywhere else. It’s different, fun, and I’ve seen great results. Ninja training is awesome and the classes are great with terrific people. I couldn’t imagine going to another gym.
— Chris Hoffman
If anyone is looking for a gym that is not your “regular gym”, then Vitality is for you.. It’s an awesome place to challenge yourself, if you don’t like a challenging workout, then STAY HOME, this place isn’t for you. In the past 2 years I have lost 92 pounds and even though I was happy with my accomplishments, my body did not feel or look the way I wanted. Through a good friend of mine and brother, I decided to go check out Vitality 1 week before Christmas and I completely fell in love with it. On my first obstacle, I fell and on my 2nd, I fell again, but I kept getting up and trying to do better every time and now I’m happy to say, that with the help of Vitality and Jordan I have accomplished almost all the obstacles (without falling) and I ran my first ½ marathon recently. Vitality is a community of friends working out together to better themselves. Once you come, you become family.. I’m honored to call these people not only my fitness partners, but my family. Jordan has pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. I feel stronger, more confident and I’m finally starting to see definition in my body which is what I wanted all along!
— Carla Gil