Personal Training!

Looking for a great way to get fit, crush your goals, and Be A Stronger Human? Check out our options below for 1 on 1, small group semi-private training, or group training! Our trainers will ensure that you reach your goals and feel great about your fitness journey! Whether your goal is to be a ninja warrior, get in shape, run an OCR for the first time, or need someone to lead your group through some awesome obstacles, they can help you get there.u get there


Lyndsey Littlefield

This power-house has traveled the world competing in Obstacle Course Races and Ninja Warrior Competitions. Lyndsey competes in the National Ninja League and has years of experience in working with children of all ages. She has positive energy and knowledge on how you can up your ninja game!


  • Ninja Warrior Training

  • Obstacle Training

  • Youth Individual and Group Trainings

Testimonial - “After 3 months, Lyndsey helped me improve my obstacle technique and strength and pushing my comfort zone. Nothing is better than having a trainer that works the whole body; physically, mentally and emotionally, all while having fun!” - Lindsay

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Adam Morales

Always being active and needing to recover from kidney surgery, Adam found fitness. He soon picked up on running OCR’s and is a frequent top competitor. Being NASM and SGX Certified, his ability to coach stems from the idea, that no matter the obstacle, it is the effort that counts.


  • Obstacle Course Racing

  • Running

  • Endurance Training




Rob Serpa

Rob the Runner. Notorious for running races of absurdly large amounts of miles, this man’s work ethic is inspiring enough. As an ultra-runner and a knowledgeable coach, he can help you not only reach your goals but run right past them!


  • Distance Running

  • Functional Fitness / Youth Athletics

  • Good Looks


Kyle Francoeur

Kyle has over 3 years of Ninja Warrior Training and Competitive Experience! He’s our Assistant NENA Coach for our Ninja Training Team and Group Leader for our Birthday Parties! If you want your child or their group of friends to have an awesome ninja warrior session, he’s the one you want!


Ninja Warrior Training

Youth Training

Being Awesome

Testimonial - "Kyle started one-on-one training with my son Jared and shortly after my daughter Emma saw how great it was so she started as well! Kyle is excellent with the kids. He manages training both of them at the same time very well and makes sure they each get individualized attention. Kyle is very encouraging, supportive and doesn’t ever let them give up! He pushes them to try their best. The kids get very excited about their sessions and enjoy working with Kyle. He doesn’t just stick to training; he engages in conversations about their school and other activities. Both kids say they “like that he always asks them how their day was”! He’s a great male role model for them and is well worth our 40-minute drive each way to train with him!” - Debbie




Erin Hulse

If you are serous about getting results, Erin here is your girl! With over 20 years of group and individual fitness training, a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, certification in sport nutrition, and experience in sport specific coaching in soccer, OCR, and running! For herself, she was a competitive soccer player and obstacle course racer for over 7 years!


Strength and Conditioning

Obstacle Course Racing

Group / Team Sports Training