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Vitalty NNL Season 5


Season 5 of the NNL is HERE!!

Vitality will be hosting our NNL Qualifier December 14-15th for your chance to qualify for the Season 5 World Finals!!

Price for All Competitors: $50

Saturday -

Kids - 9am

Mature Kids - 12pm

Preteens - 3pm

Teens - 6pm

Prizes to be announced!!

Sunday -

Young Adults - 9am

Masters - 11:30am

Adult Wave 1 - 2pm

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12:00 PM12:00

Ninja Fundraiser!

Ninja Fundraiser!!

Join us on June 15th to raise funds and awareness to the American Lung Association through our long standing members Joslin and Mike Amaral! Scroll Down to Read about their Cause!

Our Goal is to Raise $1,000!! We are welcoming all ninjas!!

The Fundraiser will be a Freestyle Tag Team Format!! An open course with progressive obstacles that two ninjas will take on to try and score the most points! Top Teams will receive Prizes!! So pick a Partner and Get Your Ninja On!!

  • Entry Fee - $40 per Team

  • Minimum Age 9

  • Can be on more than one team

  • Walkthrough will be posted online and conducted at 12pm day of the comp

  • Register your spot and pay day of! Cash is easiest por favor!

Sign Up Here!

Name *
Parent or Guardian if Minor*
Parent or Guardian if Minor*
Partner Name (Put None if you signing up individually) *
Partner Name (Put None if you signing up individually)
Parent of Guardian if Minor*
Parent of Guardian if Minor*

For those that do not know us, we are Mike and Joslin Amaral of Vitality Obstacle Fitness. We have been a part of the Vitality family for the past 3 years. We are going to be riding in the Autumn Escape Bike Trek, which is a 3-day 160-mile bike ride from Plymouth, MA – Provincetown, MA to support the American Lung Association. When we started doing this ride in 2015, there was only two of us. That first year we experienced our first “Spirit of the Trek” which was enlightening at the very least. We watched as each speaker took the stage to share their stories of loss, of their fight, surgeries etc. Some of these “survivors” were riding on this trek, completing each day with an oxygen tank. If that is not inspiring, I do not know what is. Did you know more than 32 million Americans suffer from lung diseases such as asthma and COPD that makes it more difficult for them to breathe? How about the fact Lung Cancer is the number one killer of both men and women today, and is the third leading cause of death in the United States? The kicker to these is not just from smoking, which is the ever-popular misconception. Anyone can be diagnosed with Lung Cancer. In looking at our own lives, we realized how many people we have lost or are struggling with some sort of lung disease. It is because of them that we ride.

We now have a team of 10, called the RFTC (Riders for the Cause). Last year our team raised over $8,000. We all ride to remember someone, to raise awareness because many people are not educated on how many lung diseases are out there affecting people daily. Our goal is to raise awareness and money to help the American Lung Association provide resources, education, research and help Americans breathe easier.

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12:00 PM12:00

Vitality REC League Competition!

For the Second Year in a Row, Vitality Will be Hosting a REC League Ninja Competition on May 4th!!

From The NNL Website - The goal of the Recreational Ninja League is to get beginner to intermediate athletes ready for the National Ninja League. The Rec. competitions are intended to be more accessible lower-priced versions of their NNL predecessors. 

The Recreational League will follow the same strict standards and guidelines the National Ninja League has set for competitions. Throughout the Rec. season athletes will accumulate points per obstacle completed. At the end of the Rec, season the Top Male and Female per age division will earn the title of Regional Obstacle King/Queen and be award a trophy. The top 3 athletes per age division(excluding any athletes that qualified for finals the previous season) will also be awarded a spot at NNL finals.

Entry Fee - $35

Wave Times-

6-8 and 9-10 - 12:00pm FULL*

11-12 and 13-14 - 2:30pm

15-17 and Adults - 5:00pm

Any remaining time in each wave will be for Redemption Time!

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9:00 AM09:00

Vitality $1,000 Throwdown!


Here’s your chance to win $1,000 Ninja Style!!

The Format is SIMPLE! Sign up, Run the Course, and Furthest the Fastest Overall Will WIN $1,000!!!

However….For this Throwdown, You Will Be Eligible to Re-Run the Course AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WOULD LIKE!!!!

The Wave Will Run From 9am - 5pm and We Will Be Accepting Re-Runs During This Entire Time!!

Entry Fee - $40 (1 Run) - Re-Run - $5

Minimum Age 13 (Willing to bend the rules if some young ninjas want to smoke some older ones!)

1 Course for Everyone!!

Run Order is determined as First Come, First Serve!

Name *
Name (Parent or Guardian)
Name (Parent or Guardian)
Ready to Win $1,000!!??
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8:30 AM08:30

Vitality 3 Stage Comp

On February 9th, We will be hosting a 3 stage Ninja Competition! In Classic Ninja Fashion, The Competitor will face a stage of challenging and well-rounded obstacles with a time limit. If they complete the stage, they advance on!

This is a great chance for a last minute tune up before NNL Finals!!

Competitors who fall on their stage run will be eligible to run out their time on the course.

Waves are Full! Email for waitlist or any questions

6-8 - 8:30am

9-10 - 11am

11-12 - 1:30pm

13-15 - 4pm

16 - 17 and Adults - 6pm (16-17 will run same course but different scoring bracket)

To keep Consistency with NNL rules, age for competition is determined by the competitor’s age as of 3/31

Prizes for Top 3 Competitors in Male and Female!


Price: $30

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Vitality National Ninja League Comp!

National Ninja League Season 4 is here!! 

Vitality will be hosting our NNL Qualifier September 22-23 for your chance to qualify for the Season 4 Finals!!

Only $50 Entry Fee!! 

Wave Times Below!!

Any Competitors in FULL waves will be added to a waitlist.

Saturday 9/22

Adult Wave 1 - 11am

Adult Wave 2 - 2pm *FULL*

Sunday 9/23


6-8 - 9am - 11am **FULL**

9-10 11am - 1pm **FULL**

11-12 - 1pm - 3pm **FULL**

13-15 - 3pm - 5pm **FULL**

16-17 - 3pm - 5pm *FULL

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8:00 AM08:00

Vitality OCR Fundraiser for Memorial Sloan Kettering Center

On September 8th, Vitality will be hosting our 3rd Fundraiser of the year!! This time for all the fitness and OCR fanatics that can come on down, get a killer workout and support a great cause!

One of our long standing members, Elizabeth McGuigan, will be running the New York Marathon and raising money for cancer research at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Center. But this is much more than just running a race. Elizabeth's reasons are much more personal and inspiring. Here's her story in Elizabeth's words.

"I am running the NY Marathon for the first time, in honor of my late cousin Mac. A couple weeks before my son Frankie was born, my cousins had twin boys – Mac and Ailyn. I was so excited to watch the three of them grow up together. It was devastating when Mac was diagnosed with an aggressive childhood cancer – neuroblastoma – and passed away at the age of two. He has left a huge imprint on our lives. I can’t do anything to give him the experiences that I watch Frankie and Ailyn have. Riding bikes, going to school, giggling at body parts in the Natural History museum, camping out… but I can help raise money to fund more research and more answers for other families going through this. I’ll be running with Fred’s team, to support cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, where Mac was treated. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation here:…, or search for my name on the Fred’s Team page here:"

Mac w/ Elizabeth cheering her mom on at the marathon

Mac w/ Elizabeth cheering her mom on at the marathon

The workout on September 8th will be full on awesome!! We have designed a multi-level full blown obstacle race here at Vitality! Every donator will be able to select their workout! We have 3 Courses!

Sprint - 3 miles / 12 obstacles

Super - 6 miles / 24 obstacles

Beast - 8 miles (with a surprise!) / 30 obstacles

Each participant will also be timed (optional) and you can compete as an individual or a team! There will be prizes and challenges as well!!

And so we can encourage a great turnout for the cause, the donation is only $10 per participant and 100% of that will be donated!

Wave Times:

Wave 1 - 8am   Wave 2 - 8:30am   Wave 3 - 9am   Wave 4 - 9:30am Wave 5 - 10am

So PLEASE sign up below and tell your friends! All ages welcomed! Donation is due day of the race! Thank you!

Name *
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9:30 AM09:30

Capture The Flag Fundraiser / NENA Comp!

Sign up for a unique Ninja Competition Experience!!

This competition will be a creative, fun, and exciting Capture the Flag Style Competition! Each competitor will have a designated time limit to try and capture as many flags as possible to earn points! Obstacle skills and strategy are a must! 

They will also be competing for a cause! One of our members and friend of mine, Chris White, will be raising money for Dana Farber Cancer Institute! Here is Chis' Letter!


My name is Chris and I am running in the 2018 New Balance Falmouth Road Race in support of Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund. A little bit about me, I am a 2017 graduate from Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I currently work on the Fast Ferry from New Bedford to Nantucket. I am an avid obstacle course racer and road racer. I am also a member of Vitality Obstacle Fitness and an aspiring Ninja competitor.

I chose to run for Dana Farber because of some of my friends who recently ran the Boston Marathon for Dana Farber. They ran because their family had been affected by cancer. They inspired me to get out there and make a difference. My family has been fortunate to be only minimally affected by cancer but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it. I am running for all those who have been, are, and could be affected by cancer because I know that together we can help reach the ultimate finish line: A World Without Cancer!

Please help me in supporting Dana Farber and their life saving mission by donating to my personal fundraising page at or join me on July 7th at Vitality Obstacle Fitness in Fall River, MA for a Ninja Competition Fundraiser! All proceeds will go directly to Dana Farber to assist in patient care and research for a cure!"

Everything raised by this comp will be donated!

Comp Fee $25

We will have several different entry brackets as well!

Kids Open Comp Waves (For beginners or kids who are unaffiliated with a NENA gym)

- Ages 6-8 9:30am (Only 10 spots available)

- Ages 9-12 9:30am (Only 10 spots available)

*Walkthrough for both age groups will be conducted at the same time and placement will go by listed ages!

NENA Waves (For Kids who are currently on a NENA training team)

- Ages 6-8 and 9-10 12:00pm

- Ages 11-12 and 13-17 2:30pm

Adult Wave 13+

- 4:30pm

To register, Fill Out the Form Below!

Competitor's Name *
Competitor's Name
NENA Affiliated *



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