$300 ($150 deposit to reserve)


■ 2.5hrs of Obstacle Instruction, Obstacle Games, Ninja Competitions and MORE!

■ UNLIMITED KIDS! (Min. Age 5)

■ Tables can be provided for food and other snacks and drinks.

■ GOT A THEME? We like to involve your preferences into the party so any suggestions you may have will be taken into account!

Party Plan:

■ Open play until everyone arrives.

■ Kids will be split into groups and provided instruction on some of our basic obstacles.

■ Break for food (Optional)

■ Birthday Boy/Girl decide which activity they would like to do. (Competitions, Obstacle Games, Free Time, etc.)

■ 2 hours into the party, we break for cake and sing happy birthday (Optional).

■ Birthday Boy/Girl designs a ninja course that they run while everyone else cheers them on!

■ Free Time / Clean Up.