At Home Ninja

For years now, I have had the pleasure of training hundreds of individuals to become stronger, faster, and perform at their fullest potential! Here at Vitality, I began to specialize my training methods to Obstacle Training, utilizing functional exercises on a simple and progressive scale! Over the years, I have experimented with multiple strategies to understand what the most effective training tools! And now we are putting those tools into a single program you can use to improve your obstacle fitness level!
The best news… this entire program can be used anywhere! Not everyone has access to frequently visit facilities that specialize in obstacle training. But with this program, you can prep for a multitude of obstacle events, such as Ninja Warrior Competitions or OCR’s, in any typical gym with a bar, a park, or even your own home! There is no replacement for the experience gained from obstacle specific training, but that may be a limited option for some. This program also works great, in addition, to a program involving obstacle training.
— Jordan Thurston (owner of Vitality Obstacle Fitness)





Exercise 1: Pull-ups

3 - 5 reps / 5 sets / Rest [between each set] 


Exercise 2: Pike Push-ups

 3 - 5 reps / 3 - 5 sets / Rest [2 - 3 mins] between each set.


Exercise 3: Flex Hangs

Hold for 20 - 30 seconds / 3-5 sets / Rest [2 mins] between each set. 


Exercise 4: Close Push-ups

3 - 5 reps / 3 - 5 sets / Rest [2 - 3 mins] between each set


Exercise 5: Scapular Pull-ups

12 reps / 3 - 5 sets / Rest [1-2 mins] between each set




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