It’s not about your fitness level, it’s about your work ethic!
Our New 8 Week Elite Shred is Now OPEN to signups!! This 8 Week Program is going to be just that, ELITE!!
We are going to cover all aspects of health! Exercise with a new workout everyday, Nutrition on a brand new Fit Fuel Nutritional Program, Professional Coaching, and Healthy living strategies such as recovery techniques to handle stress levels, improve sleep and energy, and preparation to kill another workout! We are covering ALL the Basics!!!
I don’t care if your an athlete or couch potato. What I do care about is if you are ready to be a beast and take your life and fitness to a new level with the coolest group of folks around!!!
Starting on 5/5!!
Reserve your spot here! (The last 8 week program sold out so don’t wait!!)



Unlimited Monthly $50 - Drop In: $10 per/class

MONTHLY OFFER! BOGO!! Buy 1 Month and a 2nd Person gets a MONTH FREE!!


■ Vitality Bootcamp - Structured classes with a mix of strength and conditioning, strength training, and obstacle training! We will coach you through the workout and movements to modify it to your level for an effective and challenging workout!!
■ Vitality Coaching Hours - During this time, we coach individuals present in the gym through our Workout of the Day, on exercises, obstacles, or any other specific needs that are required to reach your goals!
Adult Ninja Warrior - A class focused on training on Ninja Warrior obstacles and obstacle-based strength and conditioning.
Adult Freestyle - Open gym.